Pete Kuzak, Riding His Motorbike

Good news for all fans of Pete Kuzak: COLT has just released a set of newly digitised, previously unpublished images of this former COLT-model! To this day, Pete Kuzak remains one of the hottest men ever to grace the pages of COLT magazine. His body is as amazing as his masculinity is breathtaking!





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Butch Grand Fucked & Pounded By Carioca

Studly Butch teams up with gorgeously sexy Carioca in a super-intense session!!!

Carioca’s huge dick wins the day as Butch can’t get enough of it! His buff, fur-covered body begs for it inside him, getting face-fucked and trying to swallow it down to the hilt! Exploring Butch’s ass, Carioca spends ages spitting, licking and fingering that hairy hole, tasting as much as he can before that mighty meat of his is ploughed deep into it, fucking him into the sofa and opening up his butt, the ceaseless fucking gives one of the best times either one have had, and watching Carioca’s defined body flex with each thrust is just simply unbelievably horny!

a 007

a 044

a 129

a 159

a 184

a 211

a 254

a 281

Please go to World-Of-Men for more on this update. Click HERE for easy access!

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Craig: A Hot, Straight Brit Auditions For Porn!

Suave hetero stud Craig has a very hairy, manly body and a very dirty mind!

This pervy straight guy has explored different kinds of sexual combinations, but draws the line at making sex tapes with men only. He’s the type of arrogant man who likes to brag about his sexual conquests although it’s difficult to believe everything he’s telling you. But whether they are true or not isn’t important. What matters is that he has increasingly wild sexual fantasies that he really wants to live out …

This audition is the test of how he handles himself stark naked in front of a camera, showing off his straight hairy hole before stroking and shooting his load for the casting director and the camera-man!












For the video of Craig‘s audition, simply click HERE to go to The-Casting-Room!

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Adam El Shawar

… guess, I’m far from being the only one who has a thing for straight guys … … and when it’s a straight as uniquely hot as Adan El Shawar, I admit having an extra hard time not to get beside myself … … anyway – a steaming hot edging session is guaranteed!











For more on Adam, please click HERE to go to Bentley Race.

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Sam Porter

With his strong, manly look, shaved head and muscled body, Sam Porter could be Jason Statham’s double. Except Sam‘s dick is probably bigger, as its a massive uncut nine incher and very thick too. Starting with an interview, Sam chats about the type of guy he goes for, and how he keeps in such great shape.


He has a deep voice and a very sexy northern accent. He starts the solo standing, rubbing the hefty bulge in his shorts, takes off his top to reveal his tight muscular body and tattoos, and plays with his nipples as he gets a big semi.


Pulling down his shorts, even with just a semi, Sam more than fills his sexy briefs, and rubs and strokes his bulge some more, then pulls out his huge cock. It hangs think and heavy and Sam slides his foreskin back and forth over the end, and his dick gets harder and thicker, till its a full nine inches.


Sam jerks off for us, nice and slow, giving us plenty of hot cock close ups and some hands free action too!

Sam‘s full video is now live on!

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Rocco Steele & Adam Russo

Besides being a beautiful muscle-hunk of man, Rocco Steele is sporting an impressive 10″ x 7″ dick that even the hungriest cock-sucker would have a problem swallowing!

Almost instinctively, Adam Russo gets called in to take on this meat-lover’s challenge. After a flurry of spit, body hair, and pre-cum that’ll leave you dripping, Rocco groans with pleasure, finally bathing Adam in his jizz.

When shooting this scene, Mr. Steele was fairly new to porn, but this scene leaves no doubt whatsoever that he’ll soon be drenching hundreds of more faces to cum!









For the video of this episode, please click HERE to enter TIM-SUCK!

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Jay Armstrong in: ROOM SERVICE

Finally on his vacation, Jay Armstrong does not want to be disturbed.

His bag man helps him into his hotel room where he can relax and unwind for a bit before hitting the bars. After he’s tipped his bag man, all Jay wants to do is plop on the couch and get a nice nut off. Without a care in the world, he lies down on the couch and takes his clothes off. But behind him through the window, stands the bag man, peeking in on him!

Jay pulls out some lube and starts to stroke his cock slowly and gently. He stands up and bends over to show his smooth ass while he uses a finger to fuck it. Still stroking his cock and rubbing his balls, he plays with his nipples and watches his cock throb with excitement. Then he lies back down to spread his legs and his stroking starts to pick up pace as his nut is building up for a release that he’s been waiting to let go.

… he finally gets his nut out and never even knew that his bag man was watching him the whole time!












This scene is a voyeur’s dream!

To watch it full, please click HERE to enter Men-Over-30.

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Alessio Romero & Matt Stevens, … after their gym session!

After a good gym session, Alessio Romero and his gym buddy, Matt Stevens decide to extend their session to work out the two muscles they’ve neglected … … however, the muscles in question can’t possibly be worked out in the gym itself, with other people watching … … … so, they decide to retire to the locker room:

For the full version of this rectal muscle and love muscle training, just log on to High-Performance-Men or click HERE!

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