Whip Me With Your Rhythm Stick …

THIS is a rare, and truly HOT vintage bondage, BDSM, and spanking clip, where a hot, masculine, mature honcho punishes his disobedient prey using a whip to give the boy a good spanking … before he can’t hold back any longer, shooting his jizz all over the place:

The full clip’s available by going to Vintage-Gay-Loops or by clicking HERE!

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What’s That Hidin’ In Your Pants, Buster …??!

… it’s a bottle, believe it or not!

Yeah, I must say, I didn’t at first, and had to rewind the darn thing, thinking I musta missed somthin’ …

This is one of those videos that’s so (filthy-) hot I just had to post it, even though this blog’s focus ain’t on kink (… … but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it when in fact – I do!!!).

The guys in it are a tad too young and too pretty for my liking, but never mind the guys – it’s the action and the plot (wellllll … ), especially at the start of the clip, that’s hot. Very much so, actually!

Check it out:

The full video’s available on CLUB-INFERNO-DUNGEON!

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Denny Paulsen, From: Advocate Men, December 1986

Rumour has it, Denny Paulson was a serious contender to land the lead in Milos Foreman’s film version of the musical HAIR in 1978 …

… just kiddin’!!!

But you gotta hand it to this guy – that hair is somethin’ altogether else, isn’t it??!!

Well, I say – trim that hair-do you’ve got yourself a real hottie.

Then again, cum to think of it, with a body like that  - – - I’d take him even with that hair!!!

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Blake is one hot amateur daddy a lot of us would want to get some action with, especially after all the hardcore fucking they’ve seen him in already, for Blake‘s been keeping busy shooting one porn flick after another.

This man’s man is one dirty fucker, always on the look out for some action and ready to give and take it with whoever is offering. His cock is always ready for action, and although there are plenty of other amateur guys who’d love to get a taste of this hot daddy’s cock and ass, here, Blake‘s enjoying a long and leisurely cock stroking session on his own …

Blake‘s full pic-gallery is available HERE!

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Bryan Summers, From: Advocate Men, May 1989

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Trenton Ducati and James Ryder in: THE DOM, scene II

In THE DOM, scene II, Trenton Ducati once more shows us how skilled he is as a dog trainer when he teaches his unruly puppy how to obey his master’s every wish and command.

Ryder, the dog, has been caged and chained to put him in his place. Freed by Trenton, the unruly dog must learn how to eat from his bowl and how to sit-stay, before he’s rewarded with a taste of his master’s juicy, meaty bone

For those of you with dogs and bone(r)s in their trousers, the full training session can be watched … HERE!

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Gordon Grant

Gordon Grant‘s movies and galleries are available on:

- Falcon-Studios, and on


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Edji da Silva

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