Dick Fisk

I can’t quite say what it was precisely that lent Dick Fisk his irresistibly hot, unique, sex-appeal … … I mean, of course, besides his famous trademark dick which is as delicious looking as it is, frankly – beautiful!

Those unfamiliar with him may have trouble to relate, as they may be put off by his hair and his moustache, and yet, I think this is exactly what does it for, the two main features that add to Dick‘s sex-appeal and that made him a sensation back then and subsequently, a classic gay porn icon!

… but then – there are also those amazing eyes …

From Mandate, February 1978:

Here, lucky bitch Chad Benson gets to feel the full thrust of Dick‘s awesome cock in the original The Other Side Of Aspen:

… and in THIS one, Mr. Fisk is for once at the receiving end as he gets rimmed and raw-hammered by his coach, Tom Anza:

To find out and see more of Dick, please go to FALCON where many of his movies are still available!

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Clint Lockner

Chuck Romanski aka Clint Lockner, as he was known at COLT, is perhaps the most memorable, most iconic, if not the hottest, cop in the history of gay porn.

But as you’ll see – he certainly was the most authentic!

These pictures, from Mandate, October 1980, were taken by Rip COLT and are part the studio’s rich heritage as I’m sure every COLT aficionado around the globe is well familiar with them!

It may cum as a surprise that following his graduation from High School, Clint briefly considered pursuing a career in classical music

However, he subsequently enlisted in the Navy and then joined the Marines. After his honourable discharge, he went on to become a commercial pilot.

Next, in 1970, he joined the LAPD, if you can believe it, ample proof that his cop pictures are not just a disguise, but that he lived and actually really was the fantasy we all jerked off to (and still do!) and which Rip COLT captured so brilliantly in his photos and movies of Clint who, sadly, died already back in 1993.

See here two of Clint‘s movie appearances for COLT in both of which Rip reprised the cop theme (though that only becomes clear once you see the full-length movie as in the clips below Clint‘s already been stripped off his uniform):

For more on Clint, please click HERE to enter COLT!

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Vintage Three-Way On The Beach

In this hot vintage three-way, a hot hunk’s in the centre getting rimmed and sucked by two jocks … great close-ups of the hunk’s blond bush are included, as are slow-motion images of his cum-shot followed by another close-up of one of the guys licking every drop of cum the hunk’s fat, meaty cock!


The clip is taken from Vintage-Gay-Loops, 36.

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Mark Rutherford

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Nino Bacci

For Nino Bacci‘s movies and more of his galleries, please go to Falcon-Studios!

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Johnny Parker

This hairy hottie from Arkansas proudly makes his debut on MenOver30.com.

Johnny cumz home to find the place a mess. He starts to tidy up a bit and starts picking things up off the floor. As he reaches under the couch he pulls out a skin mag full of sweet young twinks with huge cocks – just what a huge and hairy stud like himself is into.

As Johnny flips through it, his cock starts to stir in his jeans. This clean up can definitely wait as he puts down the magazine and strips down to his briefs. By now, his cock is rock hard and tenting his tighty-whiteys as he rubs his thick cock over its cotton confines. He continues to look at the hot guys playing with their boners and he can’t help but haul out his own.

He strokes his cock slowly, finally giving his cock the attention it’s been craving all this time … !

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Frank Vickers

In May 1985, COLT-man Frank Vickers did a scorching hot photo-spread for Advocate Men:

More on Frank, to see more of his galleries and to watch his movies, please click HERE to visit COLT!

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Jeff Stronger

Big, mean, and beefy Jeff Stronger has a hard rugged look, tatts, a hairy chest, and he likes showing off his hot meaty, muscular body, bushy pubes and big rugby butt before getting horny doing things for the camera that most people wouldn’t even do in private (LOL)  … watch him, having fun with a Fleshjack and two dildos (one bigger than the other, of course!), jerking himself into hot, sticky climax …

To go to HARD-BRIT-LADS, just click HERE!

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