Norbert, From: In Touch, April 1987

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Mike Grattan

These pics are courtesy of Alan J.

Many thanks, Alan!

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Paul Irish

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Justin Cade

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Pete Tanner

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The Glory of The Moustache

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Link Benedict aka Steve Cort

In his day, Link Benedict aka Steve Cort aka Chris Callen was a very busy man, working, posing, flexing and jackin’ for Fox Studio,Colt Studio and several others. One of his latest appearances was on Muscle-Worship. But compared to what you see below, that appearance was tame, if not downright boring, as Link didn’t show any butt, let alone dick!

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Jim, From: Numbers, December 1982

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Basket N’Balls, From: Honcho, February 1987

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Bob Kisler

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Johnny Amati

These pics were taken by Kris Studio in 1968.

Hunky Johnny Amati – an early gay porn model – is joined by Brad Wilson in the fifth and sixth picture and by Michael Quinn in the last one:

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Weekend-LockUp,1977, starring Al Parker

Weekend-LockUp, was the name of a by now legendary Falcon-release from 1977, starring the equally legendary – late – Al Parker. At the same time as the movie, Weekend-LockUp also appeared as a so-called photo-sexpisode. These were the very early days of VHS (… remember …?), which very few people had at the time. Consequently, porn-flicks were still watched in a proper cinema – or else, as a photo-sexpisode (don’t you just love that name …?!).

Weekend-LockUp is available through Falcon Studios.

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Gregg Storm

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