Carl Hardwick

Carl Hardwick – need I say more …?

For Carl’s full picture-set, click here!

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8 Responses to Carl Hardwick

  1. Leatherpigboy says:

    i have always loved his big hairy body!

  2. Stan says:

    I'd love to wrap my legs up around that back of his! WOOF!

  3. glen0330 says:

    My very first "crush". For those who do not know, he is "HEAVY" into body building using his real name, Rusty Jeffers. Looks strange (but still attractive) without all the facial and body hair. But man, the body is even better now.

  4. Ray's Cowboy says:

    Here is one Muscle Man tha can take me down and have fun with.

    Very HOT

  5. Stephen says:

    Thank you. I have lots of pictures of Karl. He was my one of my most favorite Colt Men.

  6. danl says:

    With all the incredible examples of male beauty that classic Colt has to offer I have to say I always found Mr.Hardwick overrated. I mean I get it…but there are so many others I find FAR more sexy and attractive.

  7. karl says:

    Great guy…
    …and a great name!

  8. Bramm says:

    His Colt videos are very impressive … lots of furry close-ups and big cum shots … and he's STRAIGHT! Good for him for being so open-minded to give us so many fantasies.

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