Dick Fisk

I can’t quite say what it was precisely that lent Dick Fisk┬áhis irresistibly hot, unique, sex-appeal … … I mean, of course, besides his famous trademark dick which is as delicious looking as it is, frankly – beautiful!

Those unfamiliar with him may have trouble to relate, as they may be put off by his hair and his moustache, and yet, I think this is exactly what does it for, the two main features that add to Dick‘s sex-appeal and that made him a sensation back then and subsequently, a classic gay porn icon!

… but then – there are also those amazing eyes …

From Mandate, February 1978:

Here, lucky bitch Chad Benson gets to feel the full thrust of Dick‘s awesome cock in the original The Other Side Of Aspen:

… and in THIS one, Mr. Fisk is for once at the receiving end as he gets rimmed and raw-hammered by his coach, Tom Anza:

To find out and see more of Dick, please go to FALCON where many of his movies are still available!

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