Rock Pamplin

Believe me – when I first saw these pictures of Rock Pamplin they very nearly sent me over the edge!

I was a young man then – in my teens – who’d long known that he’s gay. It sure wasn’t looking at these images that made me so (as some crazy opponents of porn would have it), however, seeing these images made me realise what kind of man I wanted. I guess, I’d long known that as well, subconsciously anyway, but having had nowhere to go with my sexuality, I had no way of finding out, of trying out.

These pictures of Rock Pamplin appeared in Best of PLAYGIRL 1975-76, though some of them had already appeared in previous spreads of him in PLAYGIRL, though I, of course, didn’t know that then.

It was also only much later that I found out that Rock Pamplin went on to collaborate with Rip COLT, though as fas as I know, it was only for pictures rather than movies.

This is one of my (admittedly numerous) favourite pictorials of all time, and believe it or not – it still has the same effect on me that it did when I was … young

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  1. LORDPATRICK says:

    WOW! WOOF on this hot man! The body as it is – hairy! Muscular! Natural! Great! Thanks!

  2. Randy says:

    One of my all time favorite Playgirl models also. About 15 years ago he was advertising as a hustler in Frontiers, a Southern California gay newspaper. He looked very haggard and old beyond his years.

  3. To Randy:

    Yes, I’d heard that, too, and briefly considered including this information in my post but then decided against it … anyway – thanks for commenting!

  4. Wow! I can see why he turned you on! I find him very hot! I think I recall him when he first was in the mag!

  5. Karl says:

    Yes, he was certainly the hunk to end all hunks for a lot of people. Myself, I fancy guys who look and act straight and he absolutely fitted the bill. He was one of the first men Id heard of, in a centrefold sense. I adore seeing full-frontals and his were magnificent! Its the ordinary but muscled body, the moustache [even tho I dont like them, really] and his dark bush. He just had ’70s’ written all over him. I heard he went into acting but no idea what if anything he appeared in. Id also heard he had lost his looks somewhat but then the 70s wewre a long time ago and we cant expect anyone ot stay the same forever. But gosh, in his day he was one to watch out for – any more pics of him would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Montana Cowboy says:

    This isn’t realted to Mr. Pamplin but it deals in similar teratory. Back in the mid to late 70′s cigarette ads in magazines as well as billboards were incredibly…sexy. At least the men in them were – to me, and I’ve never smoked. There was of course, The Marlboro Man, The Turk (Camel) and there was the very young Tom Selleck from Salem (I think it was.) Do you recall any of these? I particularly liked The Turk.

    • Randy says:

      If you do a Google or Bing search of Rock Pamplin, he did a Marlboro ad. He also had a short-lived American football career and was involved with the Beach Boys for awhile. You can also see some more recent pictures as well as college photos of him. Actually he doesn’t look bad in the color photos I saw online taken later than his Playgirl centerfold but not sure exactly when. The hustler picture I remember from Frontiers was a fuzzy black and white image and he didn’t look good at all.

      • Yes – I agree. On this or another blog of mine I DID post some more recent pics of Rock in the past, but having received this vicious email recently about copyright infringement (bot from Rock, though!, but still) I’ve now become a bit reluctant to post (recent) pictures of people that are still alive. Anyhow, him doing a Marlboro ad is total news to me – but it makes sense, of course! Also, I admit that The Marlboro Man (who, apparently died of ling cancer …), too, was a huge turn-on for me when I was ‘young’!

  7. Randy says:

    Interesting that you received an email from him about copyright infringement. When you say “bot from Rock” do you mean it was an auto-generated mail? His pictures are all over the internet so I think he would have little to stand on if he thought he was going to make any money off of a copyright infringement suit.

  8. Larry says:

    I remember when these pictures came out too. I had other favorites, but Rock just epitomized that 70′s male look. He was the ultimate 70′s male. The Richard Gere/American Gigolo early 80s image swept the 70′s look away, except in our fond memories.

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