Jean-Robert LeCocq

Of French-Canadian descent, Jean-Robert LeCocq’s first appearance in porn date back to the early 1980s. As so often the case, it was once more Playgirl that discovered him, which quickly led to appearances in other magazines such as In Touch, Mandate, Zeus, and even COLT.

Watch out for Jean-Robert’s Playgirl spread which I’ll post over the next few days!

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3 Responses to Jean-Robert LeCocq

  1. Stan says:

    It’s a real shame so many guys have fallen to the plague.

  2. LORDPATRICK says:

    The French-Canadians really have it. Ask Deep Blue!

  3. Paul says:

    Sorry, but you just wrote something wrong, this guy is not dead, he is still alive. He actually have a facebook profile on his name. I know his brother, so i am sure his profile is valid. So before you wrote something about someone, be sure the information is correct. Jean Robert LeCocq is still alive, and in good health!

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