Brandon Wilde In: Waitin’ For A Stud, From: Honcho, January 1987

Don’t know about you, guys, but if I had to pick The 10 Hottest Vintage Porn Pics Of All-Time – this pic of Brandon Wilde would no doubt be among them!

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6 Responses to Brandon Wilde In: Waitin’ For A Stud, From: Honcho, January 1987

  1. Stan says:

    I’ve been “Waitin’ For A Stud” since 1991!

  2. To Stan: That’s about the time when I first waited for a stud, and like you, I’m waiting since – LOL – (… though I gotta say that having discovered the pleasures of edging, not to mention the Godsend of the Internet, neither ain’t such a bad replacement for the ‘stud’. I also always remind myself that the banality of reality will never be able to live up to MY fantasy, anyway … !).

  3. LORDPATRICK says:

    He looks like a “stud” worth waiting for!

  4. Karl says:

    A man like this is always worth waiting for…trouble is, they prob wouldnt wait for us! Sexy beasts such as these will doubtless have lots of offers, all day every day. I had a sexy-looking guy make me an offer the day before last…unfortunately it was for dry-stone walling. Honestly, do I look that desperate [okay, I am] but I turned down his offer to turn my house into what looks like a cross between a vagina and shredded wheat [dunno which is worst]. Does no-one want their dick sucked anymore? Not even a fucking German?!?
    Anyway, its my birthday tomorrow -30 Sept – and if I cant get laid on THAT day i’ll have no option but to fist the first person I see…
    Hope my milkman dosent bring his dog with him.

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