American Graffiti, The XXX-Rated Version

Are you familiar with the movie American Graffiti (hint: George Lucas’ first)?

This clip here is like an XXX-rated version of it:

Click HERE for the full version!

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Greg Wainwright, From: Playgirl, November 1973

To go to Playgirl‘s website, please click HERE.

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Dean Phoenix

I’ve always found it to be a massive turn-on if a man isn’t just hot looking, but also cums across as … nice. With his amazing, winning, sexy smile, Dean Phoenix is the prime example of such a man, a man who, on top of being insanely good looking, is both gorgeous and natural. Authentic. Nice … for lack of a better word.

By looking at him, you feel that Dean‘s as easy and interesting to talk to as he’s irresistible to have sex with.

… and yessssss … that bent cock of his does help, and numerous are the dreams and fantasies I’ve had of one day swallowing that thing and sucking on it for hours …

If only … !!!

For Dean‘s galleries and movies, please click HERE to find them on the COLT website!

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Ed Bernard aka Shawn Wilson

He first appeared in the August 1976 issue of Playgirl under the name of Ed Bernard.

Later, he was snatched up by COLT, where he became known as Shawn Wilson.

Here’s a selection of of Ed’s pictures for Playgirl:

Playgirl‘s website can be accessed HERE, and to visit COLT, please click HERE!

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Backyard Lust

Backyard Lust is the title of this rather hot vintage video the guys from Vintage-Gay-Loops have unearthed.

Though the sound is best turned off and the images are blurry and flickery at times, the action is fantastic, containing as it does, some intense fingering and rimming followed by some real hot footage of a bare cock entering a furry male hole … Bareback they call it today, back then it’s what one did.

The full version’s available on Vintage-Gay-Loops!

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Muscle-Worship With Peter Latz

For Peter’s solo video, please visit!

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Bill Eld

Bill Eld probably is as vintage as it gets on this blog (or anywhere), provided that it’s also meant to be hot as well rather than just vintage.

Bill Eld was a gay porn star from the early 1970s, best known for his amazing meat dangling between a pair of sinewy legs. But actually, to me Bill Eld‘s best feature was is face – angular, masculine looking with pronounced nose (naturally!) and luscious, kissable, lips!

FALCON-STUDIOS was one of several outfits Bill Eld worked for.

Amazingly, they’ve kept his movies in their collection. Good for them (and for us, too!), coz they’re hot! To watch them, please click HERE!

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Tyler Horn

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