Trenton Ducati and James Ryder in: THE DOM, scene II

In THE DOM, scene II, Trenton Ducati once more shows us how skilled he is as a dog trainer when he teaches his unruly puppy how to obey his master’s every wish and command.

Ryder, the dog, has been caged and chained to put him in his place. Freed by Trenton, the unruly dog must learn how to eat from his bowl and how to sit-stay, before he’s rewarded with a taste of his master’s juicy, meaty bone

For those of you with dogs and bone(r)s in their trousers, the full training session can be watched … HERE!

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Gordon Grant

Gordon Grant‘s movies and galleries are available on:

- Falcon-Studios, and on


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Edji da Silva

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Girth Brooks

The Man, the Myth and of course … the “Girth” of it all has come a’callin to (straight) MEN-OVER-30 for a hot encore:


Girth is busy at work in his office trying to get some urgent stuff done, but unable to concentrate with his dick standing at attention in his slacks. He finally gives in and decides to take care of business in the break room. He locks the door and strips off his suit and shirt as he fondles his famously fat cock through his pants. He unzips them and after squeezing that fat cock through his briefs he takes it out, giving it the breathing room it demands.

As you all know, Girth‘s cock is extra fat and already rock hard in his hand as he starts to stroke it. He sits back on the couch and keeps playing with his huge boner as he moans with delight while flicking through a porn rag featuring lady-sluts with boobs that match the size of his cock!

… a free preview of Girth Brooks‘ super-hot solo can be watched HERE!

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Mature Stud, Sucked Off By A Twink

actually, that’s not all of it: it’s a mature, moustachioed, stud with hot hairy legs and an even hotter tanline getting sucked off by an inconsequential twink who’s nevertheless man enough to later clean and rim his stud’s hairy crack!

Go to Vintage-Gay-Loops to watch the full movie, called, A Rough Day!

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Avi Dar

He’s one of Israel’s most sought after exports and certainly the hottest: Avi Dar!

He’s so beautiful, perfect, masculine, that there isn’t a box he doesn’t tick. Nor are there many cocks he doesn’t get to move, he’s even known to cure men long suffering from ED as there cocks suddenly sprang to life again just by laying their jaded eyes on him!

… OK, I’m exaggerating again … but you do agree that Avi Dar is one of a kind, don’t you?

Avi Dar‘s pictures are courtesy of Thomas Synnamon as well asĀ LUCAS-ENTERTAINMENT.

Avi Dar‘s movies and galleries are available by clicking HERE!

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Daddy Load, From: Honcho, September 1984

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Samuel O’Toole

What does a parachutist doe after he’s made a rough landing in a haystack?

… that’s right – he yanks out his (fat!) dick and busts a nut!

I just HAD to post these these pics plus the video for they’re so scorching hot they’re not to be missed! They really aren’t!

Watch Samuel O’Toole‘s truly insanely hot landing by visiting his website or click HERE!

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