Chad Douglas (3): Giant Splash Shots

In Giant Splash Shots, Chad Douglas stops over at Jim Bentley’s and takes an instant liking to the little ass that Jamie Landon has. As you can guess, Chad wastes no time in stretching out Jamie’s manhole with his monster cock:

As Chad‘s appearance in gay porn happened well before HIV and AIDS threatened to wipe out entire gay communities around the world, all of his films are from the pre-condom period. Sadly, though, Chad himself became a victim of the disease which he succumbed to in the late 1990s.

Long live Chad!

Watch the full movie of Giant Splash Shots on Falcon Studios HERE!

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Chad Douglas (2): Spring Break

Spring Break is another, particularly hot Falcon offering starring Chad Douglas. It emphasised Chad‘s hardcore side and his penchant for leather, so to speak, and particularly, his quality as a top, for in his relatively long career in gay porn Chad never once bottomed for anyone.

Watch a clip from Spring Break here:

For more on Spring Break, please click HERE!

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Chad Douglas (1): Spokes II

Chad Douglas was born Martin Cox in Puerto Rico in March 1957. He broke into the gay porn scene when he was in his early thirties and was an instant hit due to his – you guessed it! - sexy smile!

Just kidding!!!

NO, the reason was, of course, Chad’s gorgeous, enormous tool as well as his moustache, both of which became his trademark. Chad collaborated frequently with Falcon Studios, and here’s a clip from one of his most iconic films, Spokes II:

The full movie is available by logging to to Falcon Studios Here!

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Cole Carpenter aka Tony Stefano

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Damien Crosse

For Damien‘s photos, his hardcore and solo videos, please visit Raging Stallion Studios by clicking HERE!

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Henry & Kevin

Henry and Kevin, two buddies, who know each other from working on the same construction site, meet up after work coz’ one of ‘em needed a hand to get his old buggy running again. And a hand he did get, as you can see in the clip below…

I say, we need more of this kind of comeraderie! A lot more!

For the full scene, please visit Working Men XXX by clicking HERE!

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Joey Arena

Joey Arena in black&white:

Joey Arena in colour:

For more on Joey Arena, please visit his COLT-page by clicking HERE!

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Dick Fisk & Tom Anza

Here comes a vintage gem you sure don’t wanna miss:

To see all available Falcon-Studios-films of Dick Fisk, please click HERE!

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Pete Lovette for Colt

Check out Pete Lovette‘s sexy smile and his hot butthole (… which obviously is craving to be filled with some meaty dick):

Find more vintage men on the COLT-website by clicking HERE!

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Michael Eugene

Greetings to all butthole-sluts (… like myself …):

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Connor Stevens

Check out Connor! He’s as sweet as he’s hot – cuddle-up and pornfilm material rolled into one. All thumbs up. Errrrr … pardon me – all cocks up!!!

To see more of Connor, click HERE!

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Fox Studio, All Muscle, Nr. 1, 1985

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Scotty Kerr (3)

Find more studs like Scotty Kerr on the COLT-website!

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Scotty Kerr (1)

Today, I give you the little known, ultra-hot, COLT-sensation Scotty Kerr:

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Mike Matters

More on sexy new COLT-model Mike Matters can be found HERE!

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